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foo fighters

Cheer Up, Boys (your Make-up Is Running)

[ Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace ]

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It was meant to be
But all along it never meant a thing
Never stopped to ask you why
You didn't pass me by
Did you see me in your life
Flash before your eyes
Was it just that i wasn't hard enough,
Hard enough for you

Stop using my
Wait, wait

Theres a world out there
Don't you deny me
Give me one last wish
Theres a world out there

I solved them all
All your mysteries
Settle down and in good time
We can solve all mine
Tell me lies or tell me when
Tear me up again
I will let you know
When I've had enough,
Had enough of you

I know you've got your reasons
Hey lets call it even
Turn out all the lights and go to bed
Still I get this feeling
No one will believe me
When i let these ghosts outside my head

Naloži "Cheer Up, Boys (your Make-up Is Running)" na svoj telefon!
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