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Feel This Moment

[ Global Warming ]

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Ask for money, and get it viced
Ask for advice, get money twice
I'm from the dirty, but that chico nice
you call a moment ... I call it life.

One day when the light is glowing
I'll be in my castle golden
but until the gates are open
I just want to feel this moment (x3)

Reporting live, from the tallest building in Tokyo
Long way from them hard ways
Bill sos, and oh yeas
Day county, always
305, all day
Now baby we cant party (x2)
She read books, especially about red rooms and tie ups
I got her hooked, because she see me in a suit with a red tie tied up
here to please nice to meet-cha
but time is money, the only difference is, i own it
Now lets stop time and enjoy this moment


I see the future, but live for the moment, makes scene don't it?
I make dollars, I mean billions
I'm a genius, i mean brilliance
This street is what scoot em
And made em slicker, to slick with the ruler
I've lost a lot, and learned a lot
But I'm still undefeated like Zula
I'm far from cheap, I break down companies with alll my peeps
Baby we can travel the world
And not given view, and all you can see
Time is money
Only difference is I own it, like a stop watch, let's stop time and enjoy this moment

Naloži "Feel This Moment" na svoj telefon!
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