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[ Together Through Life ]

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Well, you’re coming down high street walking in the sun
You make a dead man rise, and holler ‘She's the one!’
Jolene , Jolene
Baby I am the king and you're the queen

Well it’s a long old highway that don’t ever end
I got a Saturday Night Special, I’m back again
I’ll sleep by your door, lay my life on the line
You probably don’t know but I’m gonna make you mine
Jolene, Jolene
Baby I am the King and you are the Queen

I keep my hands in my pocket, I’m movin’ along
People think they know, but they’re all wrong
You're something nice, I’m gonna bet my dice
I can’t say I haven’t paid the price
Jolene, Jolene
Baby I am the King and you is the Queen

Well I found out the hard way, I’ve had my fill
You can’t fight somebody with his back to a hill
Those big brown eyes, they set up a spark
When you hold me in your arms, things don’t look so dark
Jolene, Jolene
Baby I am the King and you're the Queen
Naloi "Jolene" na svoj telefon!
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