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Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie (live)

[ Miscellaneous ]

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When your head gets twisted and your mind grows numb
When you think you're too old, too young, too smart or too dumb
When you're laggin' behind and losin' your pace
In a slow motion crawl of life's busy race

No matter what you're doing, if you start givin' up
If the wine don't come to the top of your cup
If the winds got you sideways with, with one hand holdin' on
And the other starts slippin' and the feelin' is gone

And your train engine fire needs a new spark to catch it
And the woods' easy findin' but you're lazy to fetch it
And your sidewalk starts curlin' and the street gets too long
And you start walkin' backwards though you know it's wrong

And lonesome comes up as down goes the day
And tomorrow's mornin' seems so far away
And you feel the reins from your pony are slippin'
And your rope is a slidin' 'cause your hands are a drippin'

And your sun-decked desert and evergreen valleys
Turn to broken down slums and trash-can alleys
And your sky cries water and your drain pipes a pourin'
And the lightnin's a flashin' and the thunders a crashin'

And the windows are rattlin' and breakin'
And the roof tops a shakin'
And your whole world's a slammin' and bangin'
And your minutes of sun turn to hours of storm

And to yourself, you sometimes say
"I never knew it was gonna be this way
Why didn't they tell me the day I was born?"

And you start gettin' chills and you're jumpin' from sweat
And you're lookin' for somethin' you ain't quite found yet
And you're knee-deep in the dark water with your hands in the air
And the whole world's a watchin' with a window peek stare

And your good gal leaves and she's long gone a flyin'
And your heart feels sick like fish when they're fryin'
And your jackhammer falls from your hand to your feet
And you need it badly but it lays on the street

And your bells bangin' loudly but you can't hear its beat
And you think your ears might been hurt
Or your eyes've turned filthy from the sight-blindin' dirt
And you figured you failed in yesterday's rush
When you were faked out, an fooled white facin' a four flush

And all the time you were holdin' three queens
And it's makin' you mad, it's makin' you mean
Like in the middle of life magazine
Bouncin' around a pinball machine

And there's somethin' on your mind you wanna be sayin'
That somebody someplace oughta be hearin'
But it's trapped on your tongue and sealed in your head
And it bothers you badly when you're layin' in bed

And no matter how you try, you just can't say it
And you're scared to your soul, you just might forget it
And your eyes get swimmy from the tears in your head
And your pillows of feathers turn to blankets of lead

And the lion's mouth opens and your starin' at his teeth
And his jaws start closin' with you underneath
And you're flat on your belly with your hands tied behind
And you wish you'd never taken that last detour sign

And you say to yourself, â€
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