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Nj Legion Iced Tea

[ Homesick ]

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Get up, get out, this is your wake up call
We run this town and you can fight us all
We keep on coming back for more

Don't think you can hold us down
We'll tear this building down
Try to be careful what you say

Give it up, your tactics are astounding
Find your place and leave us with some peace of mind
You do this every time

So here's to another better year
We crossed that thin line, don't try to hold us here
If for just this once you'd think of us
I hope you're happy with yourself

Get up, get out, who's gonna break your fall?
When we drove back down, they're gonna stay so small
We keep on running for the door

Just wait things will come back around
It's too late for them, they're headed straight for a meltdown
I'm not a part of your clich
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