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[ Life On A Plate ]

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Another fairytale about these enndless feelings and when it's heating up
I think I'm stuck forever, I try to lose some weight, I try to get in shape
but in the end I always end up lost inside myself.

Up and down gets nothing done, I just keep it waiting
round and round out with the thumb, no, I just keep on waiting.

Twelve numbers stare at me, sometimes it's not that easy, instead of waking
up I think I'll sleep forever, what happened to the dayroutines that always kept
me going? where the hell are all the dreams I had about my life?

... now, but, someday I'll get the time, to get me back on the right track and no
more slack, got to keep an open mind, I got to get out of this daily grind
and deep inside I know I will.
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