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[ Electric Animation ]

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To you once brave enough to promise in forever
I save a place in mind for keeps.
For your word exploded into fragmented lies.
The remainder of my affection is for you, out of reach.

I tried so hard to please your every whim
You played my heart strings with your nails of steel
Looking back, I’m provided a glimpse
At the warning signs, flashing heeded not by my mind

So now feel, feel the weight of my sorrow
Lift my eyes from despair.
Forgive is for righteous believers
that fate will revenge me at end.

Time passed and still I seek the reasons that you torched me
Hatred saves my only strength, sanity
For you once so brave as to promise in forever
I have saved a dark place in my mind where you sleep
Naloži "Revenge" na svoj telefon!
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