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Violence (enough Is Enough)

[ Courtesy Call ]

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I've been feeling like everything's for nothing.
In fact I've never felt so goddamn small.
Always looking for the bright side to find the strength for when I fall.
I'm still believing that life has a meaning.
Can't cope thinking that there's not.
I'm so divided that I try to hide it.
Its the only thing that I've got!

So When the World outside can't see what's wrong and right.
People can't understand the reasons that we fight.
Somethings gotta give.

Violence give me violence,
Cause they say we're worthless lives.
Substance give me substance,
Heavy lies the crown as I cut you down.

You can call this a warning.
It's a warning that we're drowning in our malcontent.
Tear me down like a cancer,
What's your answer?
We're different and it makes you sick.

There is a sadness here, on every corner,
It's in our hearts dear God don't wanna trouble you much,
But we all need to know when enough is enough.

You only get one chance, and that's one two many.
What's the world gonna say when I call your bluff punk?
Bow your head.
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