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Before I Met You

[ Here I Stand ]

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Woooah woah wooah yeeah yeeah
Saw you for you yeah
Remember [X15]

you changed my life in so many way I just look back to how I used to be and how
you dealt with me just want to thank you for..
Just in case I never see your face again (face again)
Just in case the worst was meant to happen (happen)
Just in case tomorrow never come there is something you should know (should know)
I've given you every bit of the man I am (of the man I am)
I know at times it wasn't pretty but it was all I had
I never held back not one little bit and the world can attest to this
And baby you flipped my program upside down (listen to me now)

I was a hustler and player girl before I met you
I'd drink a little something then hit a little something
But how you made a difference, look what I've been missing
You got my life together and I thank you forever
I really used to throw a lot
But I do one every night and sometimes I had two
But all that done changed my game my frame of mind you got it right
And I love you life girl I love you for life

There was so many times I wasn't there for you
And for everyone of those times I hated myself for
The way I went about it the ups and the downs one foot in while the other foots out
Loving on you loving on another and I ain't no different from any of the brothers
What I did to you right here right now in this here place
In this here space as my heart pour out as I state my case as I break it down
To tell you where I'm coming from so you've seen the good you've done
So you've feel the change you've made stay with me everyday


Girl if I died tonight before I wake
Know that you touched my life in oh so many ways
And sugar this song is this I had to give would you remember
Remember my heart remember it was good remember that I tried as long as I could
Remember that I gave till I had nothing else remember my voice


Wooah woah Woooah
Remember [X15]
Yeah yeah yeah woah
Won't you remember?
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