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Over You

[ Country Club Music ]

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Feelings are too strong for me to
just breathe,
I can't see even in front of me.
You have me lost I am confused,
I don't know now, what to do.

I'm tripping about the things you've
and didn't do, but still I hope,
my dreams will come true
and lead me one day back - next
to you.

Living life is harder day by day
I don't want to cry, I wanna say,
you're in my soul, you've got my
I'm giving to you, all myself.

This time I'll walk on my own
I hope that you know - I
can't resist you
I can't see you looking at me
Smiling at me - no - I miss

This really is too hard for me, can't
you see.
I don't you know how to act, when you're
near me.
I trusted your lies just to survive
- my messed up life is killing me.

I'm thinking about the day, when I
first met you
and I can't believe - my dreams
could come true,
'cause now I am singing - hell yeah
- just for you.


I'm standing, here, waiting,
something in you might change and
pretending, denying, my dream
world's surely dying.
Believing and fighting, the chance
we had, misleaded me..
that's my place to be.


I'd like to be with you
but I'm far ahead
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